Month: October 2012

Three Cheers for Flinders Street Station!

1910 picture of Flinders Street Station from State Library of Victoria

Your lucky, lucky narrator has just started blogging about Melbourne’s beloved central railway station for Culture Victoria.  With the help of colleague, historian Liz Downes, I’m going to be celebrating the lives and activities and past Flinders Street.  When you start to look into it, it’s really an amazing place, an inspiration to many and when you consider how many people have met there, under the clocks and in the station Ballroom (yes the station had a Ballroom!) it must be one of the great unsung heroes of Melbourne genealogy. There’s Flinders Street Station the songs, Flinders Street Station the comic, and even Flinders Street Station the teapot. 

Check it out at

Dion Chronicles out in print from Ticonderoga

I’m very excited to announce that Russell B. Farr from Ticonderoga Publishing has just re-issued the Dion Chronicles in print.  And look at these fabulous covers! I just looove a sexy book jacket.  Woo Hoo! 

All of these titles can be ordered through indiebooksonline, either individually or as a trilogy set in paperback or hardcover