Month: April 2015


An unlucky man turned up at my station on Friday.  He’d taken the wrong train and found himself on the opposite side of the city from his intended destination.  He’d wandered around in confusion for 7 minutes which was long enough to miss the return train to the city.  20 minutes is a long time to wait for the next train when there’s a chill wind driving soft clouds of drizzle across the park, so after some discussion he decided to call a cab. While waiting on telephone hold, he went down to the road to see if he could hail one and I went back to telling people that yes platform 1 is the side for Flinders Street.

Next thing I knew there was an almighty crump.  A cab, slowing down to pick up the unlucky man, had been hit in the rear passenger door by a tram and there was shouting. No one was hurt, but now everyone had to wait for the police to attend.  The unlucky man came back to the station just in time for the city train.  I was almost expecting the train to break down, but whatever jinx was following him seemed to have been exorcised.

He was good humored about it.  “At least you’ll be able to tell the folks at home you met an unlucky man today,” he said. So now I have.


Hosted Jane Dougherty

This week I’m also doing a Guest Author Spot

on Jane Dougherty Writes.

Jane (good choice of name by the way) is an English woman living in France and author of The Green Woman  a fantasy novel series. She also writes great one line stories based around paintings



Fare evaders

Rail employees try not to travel in their uniforms.  If you do, you run the risk of having someone have a loud pointed conversation on the next seat about how crap Metro is (apparently you are supposed be so cut, you go home and sort this out) or how Myki (the ticketing system) is the worst thing that ever happened (Seriously if this is the worst thing that ever happened to you, I wish I had your life.)

However the other day, I didn’t have time to change.  As I pottered down the aisle looking for a seat, a young man did a double take, seized his laptop and fled out from the carriage.  Lol!  I suspected, and the woman opposite thought so too, that he feared I was a ticket inspector bringing fines and recriminations. Even though I am the greeniest, leftiest, bleeding heart liberalist person you are ever likely to meet, I enjoyed a dazzling moment of evil villain glee at having a young man flee before me.  Bwahahaha! Everyone has an inner fascist somewhere.