Sandy and a seriously thrilled Jane

Here is the wonderful Sandy from Geelong, costumier extraordinaire, dressed up as Yanimina Tari, The War Raven, one of the main characters in The Three Sisters and The Melded Child. How cool is that! You know you must be doing something right when someone cosplays one of your characters at Supanova.
Thank you so much Sandy. You made my week.
I’d love to acquire the costume when you’re finished with it.


3 thoughts on “Wow!”

  1. Bless you Jane Routley, what a lovely response to my costuming xo I’m not sure that I could part with it very easily though, it took a year to ‘compose’; many hour’s of op-shopping for different elements, collecting black feathers from various parkland, steaming and glueing wood to shape the shield and lots of painting and stitching When I am ready to let her go, I’ll definitely get in touch with you

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