Designer by Train

Complete with Bucket hat

A very odd couple were sitting in the waiting room although I shouldn’t really say that because the man kind enough to explain my blue tooth to me. Also should I perhaps be more humble towards those so pointedly more materially sucessful than me? 
But I shall call it as I see it.  They were both wearing North Face by Gucci outfits complete with the bucket hats pictured above and because they had normal shaped bodies they looked like a pair of shiny gold and tan tents. Between them, they were wearing $14,000 of blingy clobber. I wonder what material that Gucci stuff is made of. It looked rather ungiving.
I’m always startled when I see designer gear at the station. But after all, rich people like animals too and it’s sensible, easy and safe to come to the zoo by train.

2 thoughts on “Designer by Train”

  1. North Face by Gucci? LOL!
    Maybe those folks in designer gear aren’t rich; they just have different priorities than you and me. After splurging on clothes, they can’t afford a car. No matter, I’m glad they take the train to the zoo.

  2. Luxury brands don’t necessarily mean quality or give social status, it’s mostly dependent on perception, and would the zoo animals care?

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