The injured bird

Slight stress at my station.  A little adolescent bird hangs round eating the bits of lolly and chip that have been dropped and using his “feed me” call in a very entitled manner at all and sundry. Earlier this week he seemed to have something wrapped around his legs.  His flying’s not too good either. All day I rang the Zoo but their phones were busy. I rang the Wildlife rescue who told me that since he could still fly, I’d need to catch him myself.  They suggested a box, some food and a stick.  A couple of the customers tried to help me with picnic blankets but no joy.  The bird was convinced our intentions were nefarious and were too fast. Finally at the end of my shift I walked down to the Zoo.  They were delighted to help and shortly two highly train vets were hunting my bird through the trees with huge professional looking nets. He was still too fast. I had to go home to a child’s birthday so I decided to try again the next day. Glory be! I’m not much good with animals so I was so relieved the next day when his legs seemed to be free again.  The vets may have caught him after I went home. They seemed devoted to their calling. Or maybe it all just came off by itself.

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