Inquiring minds want to know

So on the last day of the year a little old man potters into the waiting room  – carrying a pick.  I’m so curious and just a tiny bit concerned. What sort of person carries a pick on the train? Is he a miner? A madman? An assassin?  .

The old guy looks rather sweet.   He seems to know me – we must have spoken before.

“They making you work even now,” he says sympathetically.

“I see you are too,” I say, hoping for more information.

“Oh I’m still working on that primary school. But I’m a volunteer and can stop whenever I like,” he says and potters off down the platform.


I hope the primary school is still there when the children get back from holidays.

Happy New Year to you All.



4 thoughts on “Inquiring minds want to know

  1. Its the one good thing about getting old and looking harmless. – I know of one elderly lady who transported a large pruning saw and crowbar and other assorted dangerous items protruding from her shopping trolley on the train all the way from Carrum to Mont Albert, and back with no problems. I think people even helped her on and off the train!

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