I hear bells …

Yesterday a young man I usually avoid caught me talking to one of my regulars.  He’s an unusual, dare I say, unwell young person.

“Did you know that the boomgates here use Westinghouse Bells?”  He broke in breathlessly.  My regular slid off with a look of alarm while he deluged me with all kinds of technical detail about boomgate bells which, to be fair, I really didn’t know and don’t mind knowing.  Apparently they are not all the same and his superior hearing can pick out the ones that sound like church bells or much bassier like a boom box which indicates apparently modern electrical bells.  Of course now I think of it this all could be his imagination but I must make a note to listen more closely to boom gates.

On the whole I thought him improved since the last time I met him.  He looked cleaner. And last time he made lots of creepy enquiries about what I sounded like when I pee. Not good.

So does this count as a Christmas Post?  Hmm!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all my lovely subscribers.  May you all have someone to listen to you this Christmas.  And Thank you!

1 thought on “I hear bells …”

  1. Merry ChristmasJane and thaks for your blogs, I enjoy them you write in a way that brings me into your world. A card wu´´ill come vis Vancouver (o´postage 1/3 of Denmark’s) but I am in Denmark dioing all sirts of stuff and batting old age too. ​Are you subscribed to my blog? heatherspearsblog.wordpress.com hope so as would like to think of you reading it. It is intermittent!
    Wishing you a productive Happy New Year! my Ebooks still about to come out –
    love Heather

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