The Melded Child

“This earth is rotten to the core and humanity is just a mass of maggots … And now I, Malov Symina, am going to become the biggest maggot of them all”

For ten years the peace negotiated by the Tari has held firm.  But greedy eyes watch in the distance, coveting the peaceful lands of Yarmar and even the Tari themselves.  A new demon master rises bringing pollution and violence.  When Yani the Raven is kidnapped, sorceress Marigoth and her companion Ezratah are drawn to Armaya and a trap set by a brutal necromancer and his insane sister.  Meanwhile Elena Starchild’s daughter Alyx, heir to the throne of the Mori finds herself wounded and on the run in a forest full of dark magic. And in the company of a bitter Mirayan enemy.

Can the insular Tari dreaming in the secret land of Ermora be awoken before the demon fire consumes them?  And can a Melded Child bring harmony in clasped hands before it is too late?





The Three Sisters

Once the Tari – a mysterious race of visionaries and healers whose power has since faded to legend – ruled in Yarmar.  Then the armies of the Mir came to destroy and enslave.  Now in their relentless drive for domination, the cruel Mirayan Prince Scarvan and his loyal duke Wolf Madraga have both claimed a prize beyond compare. She is called Elena Starchild, the bewitching wife of a newly slain woodlands leader.  She is Tari, possessing a “fatal beauty”  that confounds and obsesses her captors.

Drawn from their island home by a sisters plight, a warrior and a sorceress return to an oppressed land, carrying with them the magic of hope, spirit and glorious rebellion.  But there are shadows in their own pasts that first must be conquered before a prisoner is freed… and a mighty destiny can come to pass.

“Rebecca Locksley writes with a freshness and vigor rare in today’s crowded market.  Her characters are a dexterous mixture of the astute, the delightful, and the deceptive, displaying the full range of human weakness and wonder – no wonder the plot glides forward so effortlessly.”  Sara Douglass



The third outing (after Fire Angels) of the mage Dion Holyhands…takes her across the ocean to the land of Aramaya, the centre of civilization and she suspects, the current home of her missing niece Syndal… Dion and her friend Kitten survive the shipwreck to reach Akieva… Dion’s niece turns out to be in thrall to a powerful conspiracy of necromancers. Like its predecessors, the book combines romance, mystery and adventure in a fantasy setting…

Routley deserves credit for superior world-building and above average characterization… covering familiar ground with more aplomb than many of her collegues.  Publishers Weekly

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Fire Angels

An accomplished fantasy of maturity and depth, Routley’s second novel (after Mage Heart) continues the story of Dion Holyhands, raised by a stern foster father to develop her outstanding magical powers.  Here, Dion is re-introduced to the extended family she had lost and continues her coming of age, including renewed battle against her lover and foe the demon Bedazzer.  Dion is a strong character but often overcome by self-doubt and guilt.  Aided by the gypsylike Wanderers, she finds that her magic has destined her for a central role in the government of her homeland, Moria. Publishers Weekly

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Mage Heart



Provincial and naive – and a powerful mage – young Dion is an innocent adrift in a world of intrigues and treacheries with hungry demons lurking just beyond its borders.  And now she has been called up to protect the Dukes favorite mistress : the extraordinary Kitten Avignon, Our Lady of Roses.  The mesmerizing courtesan is a woman in dire peril, stalked by a necromancer who will not sleep until his beautiful prey suffers horribly.


“One of the genres bright new stars… Routley produces a fantasy that can be read for more than myth or pyrotechnics… While many fantasists simply add magic to political intrigue, Routley’s are noteworthy for the natural and inevitable intertwining of the two.  Well drawn backgrounds and characters add to the appeal.” Publishers Weekly

“A highly original romatic fantasy ” – Cherry Wilder, author of Signs of Life

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