Virtual Fantasycon



Next Wednesday I’ll be on Facebook on the 4th of November Epic Fantasy Day which is one of the eight mighty days of the first Virtual Fantasycon.
I hope to be giving away some terrific ebooks aside from my own and also some Amazon vouchers.
So come one come all. Pop in. Leave a comment and enter a giveaway.

Continuum 11: Southern Skies

Faded images of Continuums past Thanks to Terry Frost
Faded images of Continuums past Thanks to Terry Frost

I’ll be attending Continuum 11 this Queens Birthday weekend.

I’ll be on panels about Sherlock Holmes, about whether we can forgive our favorite writers when they turn out to be horrible people, about whether we should remove the Golliwogs from Noddie and whats good in Comedy SF fiction.
I’ll also be helping to launch Ticonderoga’s new Anthology Hear me Roar.
which is full of Female Superhero stories, including one by me called Barista.
And I’ll be joining the happy throng Welcoming Jason Nahrung to the Clan Destine Press family which his two vampire novels Blood and Dust and The Big Smoke.
How much can a Koala Bear?
If you see me there come up and say hello.

Great new anthology from Ticonderoga Publications
Great new anthology from Ticonderoga Publications


Are you afraid of the dark?

This week Canadian Fantasy writer A.F. Stewart is spotlighting me on her blog

Are you afraid of the Dark?

Alex was born and raised in Nova Scotia, Canada, which she still calls home. She has a great interest in history and mythology, often working those themes into my books and stories. She writes poetry and fiction.

Her books are available through several online retailers such as Amazon, Smashwords, and Barnes and Noble. The best known are Chronicles of the UndeadKillers and DemonsRuined CityPassing Fancies, and Shadows of Poetry.

Paying for our passion

Did you ever wonder how writers make a living?  I often do.

David McDonald is hosting a series called paying for our passion on his blog Ebon Shores.


David-McDonald I’m on it this week with my story.  Check out some of the previous writers.  There are some illuminating stories here.

Hooray New Ebook is now out


Historical Fantasy with feisty female Characters

“A captivating read” Sara Douglass

Three sisters, estranged from the Society they are destined to save. Elena, more beautiful than any man can resist, is kidnapped, her destiny controlled by the men who desire her. Yani, warrior woman, brave, strong, able to pass as a man, who will do anything to find Elena. Marigoth, powerful female mage, determined never to grow up, equally committed to finding their missing sister. In a country oppressed and cruelly ruled, the fate of many people lies in the unsuspecting hands of these three women.

Published by Clan Destine Press

Ebook format.  Price AUS $6.79  ISBN  9780992492595