Wouldn’t a nice cup of tea be better?

This week’s star customers were the three teenagers I caught drawing with red pen on the poster cases. I was “somewhat peeved”.  Does being nice to people when they first arrive count for nothing?!!

“Hey stop that! Someone’s going to have to clean that up. I yelled.(not to mention that I have to report it… in triplicate.)

“Oh sorry Miss” said the girl with the pen.  And then she made it all worse by coming up to me with an incredibly cheeky grin on her face and saying, “I’m very, very sorry. I couldn’t help it.  It’s been a stressful day.”

I was confounded by this.

“Um Fair enough!” I muttered.  But the grin sent a bright red bullet of fury into my brain.

As she turned to go, I called out “Hey” and as she turned back to face me, I lifted up my mobile and clicked it at her.

By then I realized I’d done something rash. There were three of them and one was a very large lad.  So I took myself off and locked myself in the office till the train came and took them away.  As I closed the door behind me, I heard her friend say,

“Did she just take your picture?” so they knew what I’d done. Result! (pumps fist in air)

(I didn’t actually manage to take a picture – I’m a complete Klutz in these matters)

They haven’t been back.

But honestly. Since when has graffiting been a cure for stress.  What happened to a good book, a nice cup of tea or a lie down?!!!!

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We wuz Robbed – a question of keys

photo 1Now the renovation of my office is finished, I’m allowed to go back to Zoo station.  I was looking forward to enjoying my freshly painted new office. So you can imagine my disappointment when lo and behold, I opened my new meal room door, to be confronted with

Graffiti!!  My God it gets everywhere. And why can’t they paint something interesting.

But inside the office!! Did it slide in under the door?

I assumed that some kids had got in while the workmen were there and that there was nothing to worry about.  I started using the cosy little meal room as my office and leaving my overcoat, my uniform jacket and safety vest there in the evenings.

Until Thursday when I opened up the office door and discovered my clothes and the fire extinguisher were no longer there. I’d been robbed and by someone who’d painted a smiley face on the door. (Make a defiant gesture at me, why don’t you?)

Oddly the microwave and the other electrical appliances where untouched.  At first I couldn’t believe what had happened.  I thought maybe my aged brain had forgotten where I had put the coat or that a work mate was playing a trick on me.  I looked inside the fridge and the microwave and everywhere else.

Why steal my uniform?  When they came, the police told me that Metro uniform is the outfit of choice for graffiti artists loitering around rail yards hoping to tag trains.  I was oddly comforted to think of my clothes leading this outlaw life instead of just being dropped in some dumpster.

The meal room is separate from the office and low security with no alarm.  It can be accessed by a key that’s easy to copy.  All sorts of maintenance crew have these keys so that they can use the toilets next door. Apparently other less savory people have keys too.

The strangest part of the whole story was that my overcoat turned up again.  A kindly passing golfer picked it up on the golf course and brought it back.  It was so wet with rain it took two days to dry out.

I wish the suit jacket had turned up.  The old one was very flattering to my figure.  The new one just makes me look dumpy.  (yes I am that shallow :))

photo 2