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Check out this Gay Time Travel Romance (with hot man on man action) by my Alter-ego Rebecca Locksley
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Can a hard-bitten, horse-mounted fighting man adjust to the peaceful modern world? When nerdy medieval language scholar Gabriel Sussman finds himself responsible for two medieval crusaders stranded in the modern world, the whole question is complicated by his serious crush on the knight, Jordan De Courcy. Surely such a manly man could never be attracted to someone like Gabriel. Or are Gabriel’s slim, pale-skinned good looks just the things to appeal to medieval tastes?

Sinister secret agents searching for the secret of time travel and vengeful relatives cause complications and misunderstandings before Jordan and Gabriel can find happiness in each other’s arms.


The Three Sisters

Once the Tari – a mysterious race of visionaries and healers whose power has since faded to legend – ruled in Yarmar.  Then the armies of the Mir came to destroy and enslave.  Now in their relentless drive for domination, the cruel Mirayan Prince Scarvan and his loyal duke Wolf Madraga have both claimed a prize beyond compare. She is called Elena Starchild, the bewitching wife of a newly slain woodlands leader.  She is Tari, possessing a “fatal beauty”  that confounds and obsesses her captors.

Drawn from their island home by a sisters plight, a warrior and a sorceress return to an oppressed land, carrying with them the magic of hope, spirit and glorious rebellion.  But there are shadows in their own pasts that first must be conquered before a prisoner is freed… and a mighty destiny can come to pass.

“Rebecca Locksley writes with a freshness and vigor rare in today’s crowded market.  Her characters are a dexterous mixture of the astute, the delightful, and the deceptive, displaying the full range of human weakness and wonder – no wonder the plot glides forward so effortlessly.”  Sara Douglass