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  1. Hey Jane……
    Got It, Read It………Great Book…..!!!
    Left a review on Amazon for the book.
    Highly recommend it, especially if someone has read “The Three Sisters”, then you want to read “The Melded Child”……

    All The Best….
    Hope winter is going well for you…..

    1. Thank you very very much. So kind of you. My winter is going well. About to start a few weeks of sitting at home, writing and watching TV. Woo Hoo! Hope yours going well too.

  2. Jane……
    I know this is going to sound stupid…..but it’s 2018 (Happy New Year).
    Where is the sequel to “The Three Sisters”…..?? I can’t find it anywhere, and I would definitely like to read a follow up on “Sisters”…….Is the title still the “Melded Child”….or has it been changed??
    In any event…..”Still Patiently Waiting”……
    All The Best…..

    1. Hi Dave,
      Thank you so much for asking. As it happens I am hoping to self publish it early this year. I’ve got it laid out an am just waiting for the cover. Things are always a bit slow this time of year.
      So thank you very much for the nudge! It really helps.
      Happy New Year to you too.

          1. Jane……
            I just left a review of the “Melded Child” on Amazon.
            Loved the book, it was worth the wait.
            I won’t give out any spoilers here (go read the book, especially if you have read “The Three Sisters”). But I well recommend that anyone grabbing up the “Melded Child”
            go and re-read from chapter 30 to the end of “The Three Sisters” (it’s a good review of how “Sisters” ends). By The way, Both Books “The Three Sisters” and “The Melded Child” are outstanding.
            Pssstt….Hey Jane..!!!
            When’s book three coming out…???

  3. Just finished Allyse’s book and saw your name in the acknowledgements which explained the quirky aussie feel.
    Would love to catch up.
    Your old Christiania neighbours,
    Regina and Anthony

    1. Hi Regina,
      So sorry I didn’t get back to your earlier. I lost track of where you contacted me. Lovely to hear from you. Hope things are going well for your both. I’m living in Melbourne are you?

  4. Loved your three sisters novel. Have been dying for years to read the sequel. Your writing style is truly captivating and no matter how many times I read your stories I am always enthraled with the world and characters you bring to life.

    1. Thanks for your kind thoughts. Its great to hear from you and I’m so glad you enjoyed The Three Sisters. I am slowly pushing the sequal to Three Sisters forward. Small publishing companys like Clan Destine Press often have a lot on their plate and can move slowly. I hope something will happen soon.
      Thanks again for writing and all the best

  5. Hi Jane,
    I came across Mage Heart a few years ago, and reread it last week. I wasn’t aware there were sequels til now, and have been trying to find a copy of them, but alas, cannot find any.
    Do you know of any libraries that stock copies? Or a bookshop that I could purchase it from?

    1. Dear Rose,
      Thank you so much for writing. I’m glad you enjoyed Mage Heart.
      The books (Fire Angels and Aramaya) are available through Ticonderoga Publications in Australia. http://ticonderogapublications.com/
      They have a list of the sites you can order them from or if you are in Australia they have a list of bookshops that stock Ticonderoga Publications.
      If you have a kindle you can also get e-copies from Clan Destine Press http://www.clandestinepress.com.au/
      All the best

  6. Any idea when The Three Sisters is going to be published in ebook format? Or better yet the sequel. it’s been years since there’s been any news, have you given up on it?

    1. Thanks for asking. Sorry for the slow reply. I’ve been finishing off a new book. I’m sorry the sequel is so slow in coming. The small press publisher and I have just choosen a nice cover for the Three Sisters so we are slowly pushing forward.
      Hopefully it really will be out this year.
      Thanks for you patience.

      1. Hi Sara,
        Thanks for writing back in 2014 I have finally managed to organize publication of the sequel to the Three Sisters. Its called The Melded Child and is available on Amazon

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  8. Hello Jane
    What a beautiful site! and I do not need to ask how it is going with your writing career.
    I am well and busy, want to get out 3rd art book of 4 (1st on my website under Books/The Creative Eye, drawing visition and the brain) hence this Kickstart project – here is the link –

    Do send on to anyone you think might be interested.
    We are about half now and hoping for the best – we are going ahead anyway.
    Do you ever come to this side of the world?

    Son Daniel is doing well with his paintings and has connections now to NY and Vancouver – exciting – http://www.danielgoldenberg.dk . Jenny was here tis summerbut I missed her. as I was as usual in Canada.

  9. Jane, your books have fueled a life that I couldn’t have dreamed of. I’ve been a fan and champion of Dion for years? is there more? Will the child of magic have yet another call to defend the barriers of the worlds? I hope your life is full if these dreams (for my sake) and thank you for giving this story breath.

    1. So sorry I don’t seem to have replied to this kind remark. Thank you very much for making it. I’m not currently writing more about Dion. Still struggling to work and write and get things published.

  10. I did not realize you had written anything under a different name! Now I immediately must find Three Sisters as Mage Hart is one of my all time favorites.

    1. Thanks very much for writing. I’m so delighted you liked Mage Heart. I’ve almost finished re-editing Three Sisters so that it can come out as an ebook with its as yet unpublished sequel The Melded Child. The two books were originally meant as a prequel to the Dion Chronicles.

  11. Hi!

    I have a question regarding “The Three Sisters”: Are the Tari people some sort of Elven or Elf-like creations or some sort of “pseudo-Elfs” in your original take on the “High Fantasy”-genre?

    1. Thank you so much for writing. Sorry for the slow reply. I’m just preparing The Three Sisters and its unpublished sequel the Melded Child for epublication and its taking longer than I thought it would. I’m interested in playing with fantasy genre cliches and so yes the Tari and the Klementari of the Dion Chronicles are indeed drawn from Elves. In the Dion Chronicles, I wanted to make them like gypsys only fair skinned and fair haired and I think that lead me to making them like elves and they grew from there. In traditional folklore they are nature spirits which lead to me creating death angels as opponents for them. Its great how much you can draw from traditional ideas once you start questioning and playing with them.

      1. Thank you for your (not alarmingly late) reply! I do look forward to the sequel to them 3 Sista´s…what I really liked about the novel was the superb rendering of the different peoples & cultures and how the different cultural & psychological mind-sets of the character played out in the narrative…I could go on and on about the awsomness of your authoring/writing skills, but I think you get the picture! Keep it up and please let me/us know about when the sequel is “out and about”!

        1. Thank you for your patience. I have finally managed to organise the sequel to The Three Sisters if you are interested. Its called the Melded Child and is available on Amazon.

  12. Wow!! Your books look really interesting. The stories sound really great. I would love to read it.

    Thanks for this giveaway and Happy Australia Day 🙂


  13. Hi, I love your Dion books (a friend got me onto them because we shared the same name) and would love to know will you write anymore on what happens with Dion and Kitten?

    1. Dear Dion,
      Thats cool about the name. Thanks so much for writing. Its not out of the question that I write more about Dion and Kitten at some future time (There’s plenty more to happen to them) but I’m hard at work on some books set in another world at the moment. I’m calling the first one Shadow in the Empire of Light. I hope you’ll enjoy them despite the lack of name 🙂

  14. Hello, I read The Three Sisters years ago and have been checking every year for the sequel…i didn’t realize that you had also written another of my favorite books (Mage Heart)…I am eager to read more and would love to know when you may be planning on having another book to follow up The Three Sisters…

    1. Thank you for writing. Great to hear from you.
      Clandestine Press are interested in bringing out the Three Sisters and the follow up book the Melded Child later this year.
      I’m also working on another book too.
      I’ll keep you posted
      Jane Routley

      1. This is excellent news. I just finished reading The Three Sisters again last night and it makes me so happy to see that a sequel might finally be coming so I can find out what happens next 🙂

        1. i just finished reading the three sisters and i was wondering if the next book has come out yet u said early last year it would be out by the end of 2012. Has the sequel come out yet?

          1. Thank you for writing. Its good to hear from you and good encouragement to get cracking on. I shall try and have the books ready for publication in the next couple of months. I apologize for my slow work. Other things mostly money earning got in the way.

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