Ye Olde Worlde

Ye olde worlde phone

A class of primary school kids have a long wait at Zoo station.  A group of them discover the public telephone.  Press buttons!! A receiver on a cord!!  Public phone calls are free now so 7 of them line up and call their parents on this antique communications device.  Such excitement!

I feel old.

A few days later

Parmesan cheese attack on my local pay phone. It’s rubbed into everything and pressed into the headset. Tried to scrape it off myself but it needs a technician. The station entrance is now redolent with Parmesan. Hope the birds like it.  Odd thing is – it didn’t put off the under 12’s who had a grand time playing with it despite the smell.  Come to think of it – strange smells are part of my remembered the public phone experience too.

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