Star struck

A group of people are milling about near the barriers at the Junction.  When I see one of them having a makeup artist paint track marks on her arm, I realize they are some kind of film crew.   Exciting!

They chat and eat sandwiches until the Director, a tall dark haired woman in too tight jeans and tee-shirt and an impressive set of Tattoos, turns up.

The girl with the painted track marks asks me if this is a good job to go with acting and since we already have two actors working at my station I tell her yes.  (you can see one of them, wearing a plaid shirt  in the current Sportsbet ad.)

The girl is wearing a street hooker outfit with the most amazingly tall black shoes covered in spikes, which she walks in with great aplomb as the crew goes down to the platform to do its shots.  Her co-star (who has had to change in our toilets –shudder-) is a young girl in a school uniform with a peach coloured beanie.

I get chatting with the Assistant Director. He tells me it’s a professional shoot with funding, permits and and -well – an Assistant director. This is the Director’s second film and the Assistant tells me its his job to wrangle the actors and do all the administration so that the Director can concentrate on making the film.  Wow!  I’m in the wrong business.  I’d love to have an Assistant Writer.

But their enthusiasm is wonderful to see and reminds me that I too have a creative pursuit I love and which makes my life worthwhile.  (wish it paid a bit better, but then most of us are in the same boat)

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