Tattooed Love



Back at work after a holiday. Blah!
But we amuse ourselves as best we can. Yesterday I got talking to one of the regulars, a highly tattooed man with a false leg who attends the nearby physio classes.
He wears tattoo sleeves on his artificial leg so that it matches his real one and I must say it’s a good way of disguising it. Also I find people with only one leg tattooed always look as if they are limping.
While he was telling me you had to be tough to get tatts, a woman on the other side of the waiting room pipped up and said it didn’t hurt all that much. Soon she was telling us how she drew a tatt in texta on her ankle back in the 70’s (“when women didn’t get tatts”) for two weeks just to try it out and see if she could handle the attention. Apparently she could, because she had lots now. The two of them got talking and when the train came they got on together still talking. Have I created a relationship here? Maybe started a true love? Probably not. But it’s nice to dream.

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  1. Thanls for your card. Enjoy your blogs, I keep writing mine in my head but have not gotrten them down wh I still find intimidating – the technical part! I am off to teach in Manchester. I am slowly scanning in my bell ringing drawings so I can send them piy on Facebook, think of an exhibition etc. Moonfall edit in final stages for EBook in Toront (Chizine)

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