The things you read

Those who know me, know I will read anything. Even the back of plastic water bottles found while tidying up the platform. This particular one assured me it didn’t just look good, it “had ancient wisdom” as well. That made me stop and take a closer look.

Apparently this is because it is “infused with native flower essences”. “Handpicked native flower essences” no less. Apparently Northern Australian indigenous people are involved in this process. I couldn’t resist taking a quick sniff of the remaining water, but I can’t smell anything floral. Perhaps that is because it is “refreshingly non-flavoured”

But I can smell something.

Ahh! The scent of male bovine manure.
P.S. School’s back and I had my first train surfers yesterday. They even wore balaclavas as they rode on the rear coupling. Guess the summer holidays are over.

2 thoughts on “The things you read

  1. You missed your chance. It was the modern equivalent of the rusty lamp or the strange doorway. If you had drunk the elixir, perhaps you would have been transformed into a magical sage guarding the platform to another world – with ancient wisdom and trailing unflavoured fragrances as you flitted along the platform dispensing your wisdom to the travellers as they passed through!

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