An Art installation?


For some reason 🙂 St Patrick’s Day last week made me remember some photos I took back in January.

Why were these bras hanging outside Brunswick Station? Could this be an Art work?  Somehow they didn’t look like it. The fact that there was a backpackers hostel and pub nearby could have been relevant.

I ride past the station on my bike every day and after they’d been there 48 hours, I undid them and put them in the local charity bin. (I noticed they were all the same size.  Relevant?)

I asked the cleaner who is a devout Iraqi Christian (from Mosul, poor man), “Did you see the women’s underwear outside Brunswick.”  He said he had but he didn’t like to remove them. “I thought they might be part of your Australian culture,” he added.


3 thoughts on “An Art installation?”

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  2. LOL. If you walk around Italian towns and cities in summer, you can see that hanging out underwear to dry is definitely part of the culture. And I’ve got the photos to prove it.

  3. Hi Jane
    I just read in the Guardian that 127 people died last year taking selfies, larger than the number of shark deaths.Many are kids no the track as the train comes. Hope you never have to deal with is too
    loves the bras and the Muslim guy’s reply
    love Heather

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